Kellett School is committed to fulfilling its obligations as an International School in Hong Kong in relation to the NSL as outlined in the EDB Circular No. 3/2021 ‘National Security: Maintaining a Safe Learning Environment Nurturing Good Citizens’ published on 4th February 2021.

  1. Kellett School is committed to being a school which is a safe and orderly, politically neutral environment, which is free of illegal activities, where students can thrive and develop a “love of learning and confidence for life”.
  1. Although, as an International school, Kellett is not required by the EDB to deliver the formal NSL curriculum, the School is committed to cultivating law-abiding citizens and to helping students acquire a correct and objective understanding and appreciation of the concept of national security and the NSL. It does this through its school ethos and through a programme of talks and discussions, delivered through school assemblies and as part of its Global Citizenship programme.

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Further Information

Further information about the NSL is outlined in the following HKSAR Government publications: -

Let’s Learn about National Security
(Audio Picture Book)