Ann Mc Donald Fund, Offering Opportunity

Ann Mc Donald OBE was Principal at Kellett School from 1996-2019. To honour her contribution, the School established the Ann Mc Donald Fund (AMD Fund) for bursaries and scholarships. The AMD Fund, part of the Kellett Foundation, aims to celebrate two aspects of education that are close to Ann’s heart and guided her leadership of the school – offering opportunity (bursaries) and personal excellence (scholarships).

Offering opportunity is a central commitment at Kellett and it goes beyond our student body. It extends to others in our wider community. We are fortunate to be a privileged and well-resourced community who can extend a welcome to those who do not have the means to access a Kellett education. Sharing with others is enriching for our whole community, both in the act of giving but also in the different perspectives that it exposes us to.

Kellett has always had provision for hardship bursaries for families that run into financial difficulties, and since the establishment of our Senior School in 2011 we have had a more comprehensive bursary scheme for external students without the means to attend the school. As a community we are committed to expanding our bursary provision to enable more children to develop a love of learning and confidence for life through a Kellett education.

Bursaries are available for children whose families otherwise would not be able to attend the school. Entrance Bursaries are means tested. Eligible students must meet the academic criteria of the School and can contribute positively to the School. Entrance Bursaries can be up to 100% of school fees plus and other School related expenses. More information can be found in our Scholarships and Bursaries Policy. To apply please do so via here and be sure to select bursary application when prompted. 

We are working towards building an endowment fund so we can, with confidence, be able to offer bursaries for generations to come. If you would like to give the gift of a Kellett education then please consider donating.

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