Kellett is one of a handful of not-for-profit international schools in Hong Kong, and as such all fees/income generated is reinvested back into the school.

School Fees 2023/24

*Figures are in HK$ 

Year GroupTerm 1
Autumn ($)

Term 2
Spring ($)

Term 3
Summer ($)

Proposed Annual Tuition Fee
2023-24 ($)

Preparatory (Reception-Year 6)76,12057,09057,090 190,300
Senior (Year 7-11)94,60070,95070,950236,500
Senior Sixth Form (Year 12-13)97,36073,02073,020243,400

Fees to be collected in advance per existing arrangements

To note: 

  • Tuition Fee invoices are normally issued three times a year, one month prior to the start of each new term
  • Tuition Fee invoices are payable by the first day of term
  • Tuition Fees will be on a pro-rata basis if the student is to start in the middle of a term
  • Annual Tuition Fees are payable in three instalments apportioned - Term One 40%, Term Two 30%, Term Three 30%

Other fees:

  • Every student must be covered by a debenture, more information can be found below.
  • Application Fee HK$2000 (Reception to Year 4) or HK$2,500 (Year 5 to Year 13 which includes the assessment fee).
  • The Annual Association Fee of HK$500 is per family, granting each family voting rights on Board membership
  • Bus fees, uniform, 'bring-your-own' devices (laptops & iPads) in Senior only, lunch, exam entry fees, some ECAs and education overseas visits are not included in the School Fees. 

Debenture Information


  • Kellett School is a not-for-profit organisation. 
  • Termly school fees cover the School's running costs but not its capital costs.
  • All students whilst at Kellett School must be covered by a debenture (see Debenture Guidelines for exceptions).
  • Debentures were introduced to help finance the building of the School, the acquisition of equipment and other capital items.
  • Kellett School has had a waitlist in place for some years. Contact Admissions for further information.

Debentures Available:

The information below gives an overview of the Debentures currently available. Please see individual terms & conditions for full information. 

*All applicants are required to meet the Curriculum Requirement, as stated in the Admissions Policy, irrespective of Debenture Cover.

Kellett Debenture Guidelines