Based upon the great traditional values of boarding houses, our House system delivers a world-class level of pastoral care, guidance and support to ensure each and every student achieves their potential.

The Houses provide the challenge and enjoyment of participating in a wide range of competitions based in sport, the arts and academia, encouraging the highest standards of sportsmanship and behaviour. It develops a sense of pride in both their House and in the School. House points are linked to our Kellet learner profile to ensure we are continually developing these important attributes with our students.

Our Houses

Our Houses take the family names of important husband and wife partnerships who made significant contributions to Hong Kong. They were ambassadors in areas which represent some of our school's core values, such as education and the arts and sport, whilst also being advocates of global citizenship. 

Did You Know...?

Our Senior School Houses are named after four former governors of Hong Kong

Each House aligns with a UN Global goal for sustainable development and nominate a local charity which advocates for the goal. The House then spend the year raising money to be shared between the House charities based on the number of House points awarded.