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The Definition of Kellett

A place where children develop a love of learning and confidence for life.




Specialist coaching by Rugby 7s legend Luke Treharne.



Our students expressing their individuality as we focus on self-care during Positively Kellett events



Our staff giving back to the Hong Kong community through Kellett Outreach lessons for children who wouldn’t otherwise have access to a Kellett education

Defining your education

At Kellett

Preparatory School

AGES 4 TO 11

Senior & Sixth Form

AGES 11 TO 18

Kellett School defines excellence as striving for the highest standards in education, promoting personal development, wellbeing, critical thinking, and creativity, while equipping students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in a globalized world.

Kellett by numbers


Several sports teams remain undefeated thanks to specialist coaching


Top Results across International Schools Worldwide


Graduates secure places at top universities worldwide


Awarded 'Outstanding' in all categories assessed by British Schools Overseas (BSO)


First School in Hong Kong to achieve gold standard for data security


Our public speaking (LAMDA) exam results are among the best in the world

Introducing Wellbeing at Kellett
Positively Kellett

Wellbeing at Kellett

Our wellbeing model is undoubtedly one our greatest strengths and will always be one of our highest priorities, informing all our decision-making. Our deep and wide pastoral infrastructure, including trained counsellors, works to mitigate and react to incidences and situations, whilst our Positively Kellett curriculum focuses on equipping students to handle and thrive when faced with life’s challenges.

Find out more about #PositivelyKellett here

“We take our responsibility to share professional learning amongst the community in Hong Kong very seriously”