Sixth Form

A Day in the Life of a Sixth Former

Sixth Form at Kellett, the British International School in Hong Kong, is designed to support individual personal development, enabling each of our students to make a real difference in whatever field they choose and whatever path they take. 

Student wellbeing is prioritised and we offer high levels of personalised care with time built into the timetable to allow for individual sessions with tutors, teachers and guidance counsellors. 

Kellett Sixth Form students achieve fantastic public examination results as mature, globally-minded individuals with an appreciation of other cultures, ideas and beliefs. After their time with us, many students go on to attend leading universities around the world.

2018 A-level Results

Total number of grades 183
Grades A* 21%
Grades A*-A 47%
Grades A*-B 74%
Grades A*-C 91%


2018 University Destinations

Kellett’s Sixth Form experience has been carefully planned to ensure that we achieve our aim of creating a love of learning and confidence for life. We prioritise student wellbeing and offer the highest levels of personalised care with time built into the timetable to allow for individual sessions with tutors, teachers and guidance counsellors. At Kellett the Sixth Form is designed to support an individual’s personal development, enabling them to make a real difference in whatever field they choose and whatever path they take.

Small classes and a low student to teacher ratio, coupled with exciting and engaging teaching, help our students reach their academic potential. Beyond the classroom, educational visits during our Global Outlook Week to countries like Mongolia, Malaysia and New Zealand help our students broaden their horizons, experience different cultures, and take a step closer to becoming global citizens. Locally, our students can participate in extra-curricular learning service in support of NGOs in our neighbouring communities.

Sports and the arts play a big part in the lives of Kellett students in the Sixth Form, with numerous music, drama and sporting opportunities, from the annual House Music competition to tightly fought sports competitions held all over Asia.

Sixth Form Life

Sixth Form students have their own Sixth Form Hub that allows them to form a real community where they experience work and play in a comfortable environment and convivial atmosphere.

The Hub is made up of a Common Room area and fully equipped kitchen and there are several rooms available for quiet private study. Students can collaborate in group study discussions in the central area in the Sixth Form Centre and make use of the reliable and fast wireless internet available throughout the school.

As a break from academia, students are free to use the gym and indoor swimming pool during their study lessons, before or after school.

Studying in Sixth Form

Studying in the Sixth Form

Kellett School offers a broad range of academic subjects as part of our A level curriculum. Students study three or four subjects throughout their two years in the Sixth Form, with public examinations taken at the end of Year 12 and the end of Year 13 depending on whether the course is modular or linear.  Most subjects offer International A Levels with half of the assessment done at the end of Year 12 and the other half at the end of Year 13 with resit opportunities in either November or January of Year. Linear A levels are offered in Art, DT, Drama, PE and Mandarin with all assessment taking place at the end of Year 13.  With small classes and dedicated teachers teaching their specialisms, students benefit from individualised attention and expert support within the classroom.

There are currently 21 subjects available to study:

English Literature Mathematics Further Mathematics
Computer Science Economics Physics
Chemistry Biology History
Geography Business Studies French
German Mandarin Spanish
Art DT: Product Design Media Studies
Physical Education Music Drama


In addition, Global Citizenship and Student Wellness is one lesson per week.

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

To give students the opportunity to focus on something they are passionate about, many students undertake the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), which is worth 50% of an A level in terms of UCAS points. The EPQ is an in-depth piece of research which involves either producing a 5,000 word essay or a product plus a 1,000 word report. Past student projects range from curating an art exhibition, making a custom-made bass guitar, organising a charity golf tournament to raise money for a local child protection drop-in centre and a dissertation discussing the ethical issues surrounding terminally ill patients in the UK.

In order to support our students through their personal, social and intellectual development we offer a number of key modules as the core around which our A level programme is built. These modules include Global Citizenship, Student Health and Wellness including diet and nutrition, personal training sessions , Leadership Development and University Entrance and Careers Guidance.

University Entrance & Careers Guidance

It is part of our job to support students in their choices once they leave school, and our Careers and University Guidance Team provides all the information, support and guidance students need to make the right decision about what they do after Sixth Form.

Students are expected to work hard towards their goal of reaching their first choice of university and/or career path. All receive one-to-one guidance to help them decide which course and higher education establishment best fits their profile, including understanding the entry procedures and specific requirements for applications to institutions all over the world. Thanks to our links with global institutions we have insight into what works when students need to prepare their personal statements and/or essays, may it be for UCAS (UK), The Common Application (USA), OUAC (Ontario Universities Application Centre), Studielink (The Netherlands), VTAC (Victoria Tertiary Application Centre for Australia) and more.

Although most of our students go on to higher education, if this is not for them or if they wish to take a gap year, we have a vast amount of information and many resources to help them plan their next steps. We regularly host a wide range of university representatives from all over the world and we host two University Admissions Fairs each year normally attracting over 50 university representatives.

Our Sixth Form careers programme builds on elements introduced throughout senior school and includes a week of work experience in Year 12, a Careers Fair and guest speakers from various occupational backgrounds. In addition, across the Sixth Form students are helped to prepare for life beyond Year 13 with a series of workshops such as cooking, budgeting, self defense and more!


Wellbeing & Pastoral Care

Kellett's wellbeing programme, known as Positively Kellett, is designed to result in a happier and more successful student experience. Robust and supportive pastoral care remains just as important in the Sixth Form as it does lower down the school.  Positively Kellett assists our students in preparing to take their places in society equipped with a robust emotional skill set so that they may continue to flourish and lead rich rewarding lives.

Sixth Form students meet with their tutor daily, with the tutor responsible for supporting students through all aspects of school life. All tutors have a wide network of support available including Head of Sixth Form, Assistant Heads of Sixth Form, the University and Careers Guidance Counsellor as well as the school’s Inclusion and Wellbeing teams.

A recent development is the 'Feel Good Fridays' programme which helps to give students a moment of respite from their academic and extracurricular commitments, and encourages them to relax, destress and unwind in preparation for the weekend.

Leading the Community

Reaching the Sixth Form is a significant milestone in a student’s education and the school offers a range of highly sought after leadership opportunities. Expectations rise and Student Leaders take on substantial positions of responsibility in both the school and the wider community. Leadership requires both maturity and autonomy so they can succeed as ambassadors for the school and lead and provide a voice to the student body.

Our six Head Students lead the entire school community across both campuses. Student Leaders are elected by undertaking an extensive six-week selection process, including a letter of application, addressing the entire Senior School in a two-minute speech, one-to-one 20-minute interview with a member of Senior School staff and lastly, the applications are presented to the Student Leaders’ Selection Panel. They are appointed to their positions by the Principal. Similarly, House Captains lead their Houses across the Senior School and they too are appointed by the Principal.

Prefects are responsible for the effective day to day running of the campus and act as ambassadors for the school in the wider community. Every Year 12 student is a prefect and they apply for the position of Senior Prefect after Term 1. They are appointed Head of Senior School in consultation with the Head of Sixth Form. Their tenure runs from May of Year 12 to May of Year 13.


Entry Requirements

In order to ensure that students can successfully access the curriculum, we have a minimum expectation of prior attainment. All students applying to the school will be interviewed by the Head of Sixth Form and a member of the Sixth Form team and will take a series of entrance tests. For further information on entry requirements, please go to or contact the admissions team at


After your time at Kellett, we hope your relationship with us continues for life. The Kellett community spirit is strong and extends well beyond Hong Kong’s borders and the years that individuals spend at the school. For more information on Kellett’s alumni community, please go to