Sixth Form

Kellett School’s Sixth Form experience has been carefully planned to meet entry requirements of universities and colleges worldwide.

Engagement in a rigorous academic programme, supported by The Sixth Form Core, allows students the opportunity to develop attractive academic and personal profiles in preparation for the next stage of their education.

Whilst academic A-levels are at the very heart of what we offer, we also believe strongly in the development of Intellectual Curiosity. Intellectually curious people have a deep and persistent desire to know. They ask and seek answers to the “why” questions; they don’t stop asking at a surface level. Instead, they ask probing questions in order to peel back layers of explanation to get at the very essence of the ideas that are the foundation of a particular topic or issue. They are innovative, creative and imaginative.

As the well-known educationalist, Professor Ken Robinson notes, ”…Education is not a linear process of preparation for the future: it is about cultivating the talents and sensibilities through which we can live our best lives in the present and create the best futures for us all.“ (Robinson, K. Out of our Minds, John Wiley and Sons June 2011, p10)

It is against this backdrop that Kellett aims to develop a community of confident, life-long learners who will thrive as active members of local, national and international communities.

Please explore the links below to find out more about our Sixth Form and where and what our students have gone on to study at university. More detailed information can be found in the Sixth Form section of the Parent Handbook.

A Day in the Life of a Sixth Former

Academic Subjects in Sixth Form

Kellett School offers a broad range of academic subjects as part our A Level Curriculum.

There are currently 21 subjects available for selection and detailed information can be found via our curriculum pages.

The Sixth Form Core

In order to support our students through their personal, social and intellectual development we offer a number of key modules as the core around which our A Level programme is built.

This includes Global Citizenship, Physical Education and Sport, Leadership Development and University Entrance and Careers Guidance. Students are also able to take an Extended Project Qualification which allows deep personal research into an area of interest. Further details can be found on the curriculum pages of the website.

Academic and Pastoral Support

Sixth Form students meet with their Tutor daily. The tutor is responsible for supporting students through the academic, pastoral and wellbeing related aspects of school life.

The tutor has a wide network of support available including Head of Sixth Form, Assistant Heads of Sixth Form, University and Careers Guidance Counsellor and the Inclusion and Wellbeing teams.

Academic Review is a system of centralized support administered by the Sixth Form Team. The process works in tandem with Support Plans administered by subject teachers. Students are expected to work hard towards their goal of reaching their first choice of university and/or career path. A Sixth Form education at Kellett is very much a partnership between student, school and parents. Expectations are high and the school prides itself on offering a nurturing and supportive environment with a great deal of individual mentoring available to every student.

University Entrance and Careers Guidance

Our Careers and University Guidance Team provides all the information, support and guidance you need to make the right decision about what you do after Sixth Form.

You will get one-to-one guidance to help you decide which course and higher education establishment best fits your profile, including understanding the entry procedures for applications to UK, USA, Europe, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong. We provide structured guidance choosing a university and course and also help with preparing your personal statement and/or essays.

Although most of our students go on to higher education, if this is not for you or if you wish to take a Gap Year, we have a vast amount of information and many resources to help you plan your next steps. Our Careers Education Programme is delivered as part of our Global Citzenship programme which begins in Year 7. Students in Year 10 have the opportunity to take part in a week long programme of work experience and Year 11 students are given practical guidance on how to choose the A level programme that best fits their needs. We regularly host a wide range of university representatives from all over the world and we host two University Admissions Fairs each year normally attracting 20-30 university representatives.

Universities Attended

Since our first cohort of Year 13s, Kellett school has seen students go on to continue their studies at some of the best universities in the world.

Click here to view university destinations for the class of 2015

Click here to view university destinations for the class of 2016

Click here to view university destinations for the class of 2017

Student Leaders


Kellett School is a vibrant learning community. We are very proud of our students and all that they achieve; they lie at the heart of our community.

Reaching the Sixth Form is a significant milestone in a student’s education. Expectations rise and Student Leaders take on substantial positions of responsibility at whole school and community level. Leadership at this level requires both maturity and autonomy, being ambassadors for the school and leading the student body.

The six Head Students and their team lead the entire school community across both campuses. They are appointed to their positions by the Principal. Similarly, House Captains lead their Houses across the Senior School and they too are appointed by the Principal.

Prefects are responsible for the effective day to day running of the campus and act as ambassadors for the school in the wider community. Students are invited to apply for the position of House Prefect and are then appointed by the Head of Senior School in consultation with the Head of Sixth Form. Their tenure runs from May of Year 12 to May of Year 13.

Sixth Form Life

Sixth Form students are fortunate to have a Sixth Form Hub which hosts facilities that allow our students to experience a comfortable environment that provides a mix between work and social activities.

The Hub is made up of a Common Room area and fully equipped kitchen and there are several rooms available for quiet private study. The central area in the Sixth Form Centre has earned its reputation as the place where students can participate in group study discussions. There is reliable and fast wireless internet throughout the school. All students are allocated a locker and there is wardrobe space available.

Beyond the Sixth Form Hub, we encourage our students to utilise the gym and indoor swimming pool during their study lessons, before or after school. There are also a wide variety of Extra Curricular Activities available, as well as a number of Sixth Form social events.

A-Level Options


Students are to choose ONE option from each of a maximum of FOUR columns









English Literature





Media Studies

Computer Science

Business Studies


Maths (Both)

Maths (Stats)




Maths (Mechanics)



Design Technology









Further Maths

PE (A Level)











Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

EPQ is a mandatory requirement for students applying for 3 AS Level courses.

Students applying for 4 AS Level courses are not required to study EPQ but can opt to take it if they wish to.