Positively Kellett

In a world of rapidly changing social and communication patterns, our students are exposed to both the benefits and shortfalls of this new order at an ever younger age. Internationally it is recognised that the models of pastoral care schools offer to their community need to remain apace with the settings in which our students live day to day. 

To address this challenge, Kellett is to join a growing number of schools worldwide who are adopting The Geelong Grammar School’s Positive Education Model:

‘The GGS Positive Education model can be thought of as a roadmap of what people want for themselves, the students and their children. Good health, frequent positive emotions, supportive relationships, a sense of purpose and meaning, and moments of complete immersion and absorption – a life where a person uses their character strengths in ways that support the self and others, and that has flourishing at the heart.’ (GGS Institute of Positive Education.)

#PositivelyKellett - Where are we now?
Introducing #PositivelyKellett

The launch of ‘Positively Kellett’ will see our whole community embark on a journey to embody further, ‘A love of learning and confidence for life,’ and assist our students in preparing to take their places in society equipped with a robust emotional skill set so that they may continue to flourish and lead rich rewarding lives.

Positively Kellett Updates

Our Positively Kellett initiative is developing nicely throughout the school. There are a lot of behind-the-scenes meetings and discussions taking place, ensuring that the 'learn it, live it, teach it, embed it' mantra resonates throughout the community. Click on the below links to find out some more information about what's been going on recently!

  • A Positive Future Ahead - since our launch in August 2018, find out what's been happening and what's still to come!
  • A Positive Curriculum - we are excited to be introducing our explicit Positive Education lessons in August 2019!