Kellett School is a company limited by guarantee and afforded charitable status by the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department. It is bound to comply with Hong Kong Company Law and the requirements set out in the Hong Kong Education Ordinance. 

Each family with a child in school is a member of the Kellett School Association Limited, upon payment of the annual fee of $500.

The company holds an Annual General Meeting around November/December, which all members are entitled to attend. The AGM receives reports from the Board Chairman and the Principal, adopts the Annual Accounts and elects/re-elects the directors (Governors). Board meetings are held throughout the year (except during the summer holiday).

The Board of Governors

Kellett has a distinct and long-standing tradition of parental involvement across many aspects of the School. Our Board’s elected twelve members are all current parents and volunteers. They bring with them their own business and personal experiences and skills, plus a deep commitment to supporting their children’s school.

Meet the Board

The Board of Governors comprises ex-officio and elected members. The Principal, Director of Finance & Operations (Bursar) and Educational Advisor are ex-officio members, appointed by the Board from time to time. These three members are not subject to retirement by rotation. The Principal and Bursar have no voting rights. Twelve parent Governors are elected by the members of the Kellett School Association. They are subject to retirement by rotation, with at least two Governors being elected/re-elected each year. Terms for individual Governors are usually three years. The Chairman is chosen by the Board at its first meeting after the AGM. All the elected members of the Board work in a voluntary capacity.

The twelve elected members of the Board bring views as parents and lend their professional knowledge and experience to the Board process. Governors act as individuals. They are not “representatives” of parents or groups of parents. They are, however, responsible to the Company at the Annual General Meeting for the policy, strategic direction and general oversight of Kellett, in the context that they are themselves parents with children at the school. All Governors have equal status and voting rights and decisions are made with collective responsibility.

The Heads of School also attend Board meetings by invitation; they have no voting rights.

The role of the Board is to manage the school's Strategic Vision, approve School Policy, oversee the management of the business of The Association, comply with Hong Kong law and from time to time, commission an independent school inspection.

The Board acts as a guardian of the founding spirit of Kellett, embodying superior academic standards, curriculum breadth and high levels of resourcing that lie at the heart of the school tradition.

The Board is also responsible for ensuring that the school is viable in a business sense. It does not manage Kellett day to day. That is the responsibility of the Principal with the help of the senior management team (SMT) and the Bursar. The Principal is responsible for the delivery of the children’s education, and the Bursar for the efficient running of the non-academic operation. The Board appoints the Principal as the chief academic and administrative officer to lead the school academically and manage its affairs. The Principal reports to the Board at its regular meetings.

At its regular meetings the Board considers:

  • a report from the Principal
  • reports from sub-committees and members of the SMT
  • matters raised by the Parents' Committee
  • matters raised by staff (via the Principal from the Staff Consultation Group)
  • matters raised by parents (addressed to the Board or via a Board member)
  • presentations from staff on curriculum or policy matters.

Sub-Committees of the Board