Kellett School has two campuses. The Pok Fu Lam campus and Kowloon Bay campus.

The Pok Fu Lam Campus

The Pok Fu Lam campus is located in Hong Kong’s Southern District of Wah Fu at the foot of Mount Kellett and overlooking Kellett Bay, giving the school's two main buildings the names “Mountain Wing” and “Ocean Wing”. The premises provide an enviable range of facilities rarely found in a preparatory school of its size.

The Mountain Wing was completed in 2007 and houses a large multi use auditorium and a well resourced school library in addition to a number of classrooms.

Pok Fu Lam exterior view.

Kellett School, Pok Fu Lam Campus, Hong Kong Island.

The Ocean Wing has been recently refurbished and in addition to classrooms has a fully equipped science lab, dance and drama studio, ICT suite, language lab, SEN learning support base, gymnasium, music rooms, art studio and a children’s bookshop. The “covered area” provides a large indoor space for the Reception and Y1 children to take part in structured collaboration and play activities. An Astroturf playground, adventure playground and attractive garden provide outside space for play, sports and other learning activities.

Located between Queen Mary Hospital and Aberdeen, the campus is easily accessed and runs a comprehensive bus service to the main residential areas on Hong Kong Island.

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The Kowloon Bay Campus

The new preparatory/senior campus at Kowloon Bay, operates in addition to the Pok Fu Lam preparatory school. Kowloon Preparatory is two form entry, offering up to 300 student places. Kowloon Senior is four form entry, guaranteeing all Kellett preparatory students a senior school place and at capacity offering up to 600 places. Kellett Senior School offers IGCSE/GCSE and A Levels.

Kellett Senior School atrium.

Kellett School, Kowloon Bay campus exterior view.

Kellett Kowloon Bay Prep School

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