Student Leadership

Kellett School is a vibrant learning community. We are very proud of our students and all that they achieve; they lie at the heart of our community.

Kellett students are eager to learn, embrace opportunity, take pleasure in their own success and that of others, are caring of each other and, in the wider community, compassionate, and proud of their school and all that it embodies.

Students can embrace leadership opportunities from their first day in Year Seven and are continuously encouraged to learn and apply leadership skills within our Curriculum, House System and Extra-Curricular Activities as they journey through to the Sixth Form.

Student Leadership Team

Students appointed to the position of Head Student and House Captain are regarded very much as figureheads for the student body.

They aim to promote the philosophy and ethos of our school and strive to help fellow students fulfil their potential, leaving the school with a love of learning and a confidence for life. The appointees work very much as a team and many of the duties and responsibilities are interchangeable. Their work further enhances the relationships between staff and students, making sure that the student voice is heard and to act as public representatives of the student body. Each Prep school (Pokfulam and Kowloon Bay campuses) is supported by members of the Head Student team. This helps us to emphasise our 3-18 approach to a Kellett education.student leadership team


School Council

The School Council is chaired by our Head Students and is made up of the Deputy Head Students, House Captains and younger representatives from the House Councils on rotation.

The School Council is our vehicle for student voice and ensures that students are able to influence school policies in a positive way, delivering whole school initiatives and encouraging active community participation. It is the regular meeting point for our Student Leaders and enables effective leadership and management within our prefect team, which in turn, leads the greater student body.

House Captains

The House structure underpins the school aim of a love of learning and a confidence for life with three specific aims.

  • Ensure that all students feel, happy, safe and valued.
  • Support students in fulfilling their personal and academic potential.
  • Create a healthy atmosphere of competition through House events

The role of the House Captain is to promote and maintain outstanding spirit in the House, ensuring that our House model meets its aims.

Each House Captain is supported by a Deputy House Captain who takes up his/her role towards the end of Year 10.

house captains


Prefects are responsible for the effective day to day running of the campus and act as ambassadors for the school in the wider community.

Students are invited to apply for the position of House Prefect and are then appointed by the Head of Senior School in consultation with the Head of Sixth Form. Their tenure runs from May of Year 12 to May of Year 13.

House Council

The House Council is chaired by the House Captain and is made up of the House Captain, Deputy House Captain and House Council Leaders from each Tutor Group in the House.

The House Council feeds ideas, views and opinions into the School Council to represent the views of each Tutor Group. It liaises with the Sport, Music and Environmental Leaders to ensure that the House is well coordinated for each of the House Competitions.

Senior Prefects

The Senior Prefect team is responsible for leading student voice forums and has overall responsibility for leading a daily team of duty prefects.

student leadership