Kellett School made enhancing our sports provision as one of our top priorities. Our vision is to make Kellett School one of the leading sporting schools not only in Hong Kong, but in Asia. Find out more by watching the video to the right!

Sports at Kellett School is provided in a uniquely extensive way for Hong Kong. Students are given a multitude of opportunities to take part in sports, train and even work on their leadership skills. 


PE is a compulsory part of the curriculum, and focuses on educating students on fitness and developing their motor skills. It also allows students to learn about different sports, techniques, movements and tactics. All students participate in PE, up until Year 11.

As well as PE, students participate in 'Games', which allows students to focus on our five main sports, netball (girls), football, rugby, basketball & swimming. Games sessions run in conjunction with PE, and allows students to take what they learn in the curriculum, and put it into practice on the pitch.

In order to provide our students with the best coaching possible, specialist staff have been hired to bolster our sports staff. Our team of PE teachers and Sports Coaches boast an impressive list of honours, including international caps, professional-level experience and high-level club representation. 

Many of our students go on to national honours, representing Hong Kong in various sports. Our links with local sport clubs and organisations are very strong and continue to grow, as does our reputation for sport within Hong Kong.