A thriving House system forms an integral part of the daily life of each and every student at Kellett Senior School. Based upon the great traditional values of boarding houses, our House system delivers a world class level of care, guidance and support. The highest standards of pastoral care, rigorous academic monitoring and healthy competition ensure that each and every student achieves their potential.

The House Cup rewards students for excellent work in lessons and for their participation in activities. It encourages the highest standards of sportsmanship, fair play and appropriate behaviour. It provides the challenge and enjoyment of participating in a wide range of competitions based in sport, the arts and academia. It develops a sense of pride in their House and in the School.

All of our Senior Houses have student-run Instagram accounts that showcase the different initiatives and happenings in each house. You can follow them here: 


The House System underpins the school's aim of engendering "a love of learning and confidence for life" with three specific aims:

  1. To Ensure that all students feel happy, safe and valued
  2. To support students in fulfilling their academic potential
  3. Create a healthy atmosphere of competition through House events

The House Names

Our Houses take the family names of important husband and wife partnerships who made significant contributions to Hong Kong. They were ambassadors in areas which represent some of our school's core values such as education and the arts and sport, whilst also being advocates of global citizenship. All of the chosen names were selected by our School Council and endorsed by our governors as names that would inspire our whole community.

The four houses are:

  1. Bowen
  2. Clementi
  3. MacLehose
  4. Youde

The Tutor

Each student belongs to a Tutor Group within the House. The role of the Tutor is first and foremost to help the student be ready to learn each day. Significantly, the Tutor is the first point of contact between home and the school for students in their Tutor group, and the Tutor has an overview of their students' academic progress and personal development.

Information on tutors can be found in the Parent Portal.

Senior House Names

The Head of House

The role of the Head of House is to have a holistic view of the students' pastoral needs and academic progress. The Head of House works closely with the Tutors, the Student Well-being Team and the Senior School Leadership Team, to support students throughout their time with us. The Head of House oversees rewards and sanctions, coordinates and runs the assembly programme and promotes positions of responsibility within the student body.

The House Cup

So far, the House Cup has been won by the following houses:

  • 2013/14 - Clementi
  • 2014/15 - Bowen
  • 2015/16 - Clementi
  • 2016/17 - Bowen
  • 2017/18 - MacLehose
  • 2018/19 - Bowen
  • 2019/20 - MacLehose
  • 2020/21 - Bowen
  • 2021/22 - Youde