HKAYP (Hong Kong Award for Young People)

The Hong Kong Award for Young people is offered to students from Year 10 upwards and is the Hong Kong equivalent of the Duke of Edinburgh Award. The award is recognised worldwide and students at Kellett have the opportunity to progress from Bronze through Silver to Gold.

HKAYP is a programme about challenge, enterprise, effort and achievement. It addresses the development of the whole human being by providing a unique rewarding agenda. It gives young people a chance to constructively use their leisure time, to set and achieve personal goals and to learn about themselves and their community through experiential learning either in a group or in person.

Students in Year 10 can join HKAYP as part of our Extra Curricular Activity (ECA) Programme, and many complete their Bronze Award by the middle of Year 11.

There are 5 Sections of Activities. All participants need to complete 4 sections including Service, Skills, Expeditions and Physical Recreation while Gold Level participants need to complete an additional Residential Project Section.

• Skill - To encourage the development of personal interests and practical skills.

• Service - To learn how to give useful service to others.

• Physical Recreation - To encourage participation in physical recreation and improvement of performance.

• Expeditions - To encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery.

• Residential Project (Gold level activity): To broaden experience through involvement with others in a residential setting.

Silver is offered to those students who have completed Bronze with the assessment expedition taking place in the Spring term of Year 12. Successful students may then progress on to their Gold Award with the final assessment exploration taking place in New Zealand. Some students may be able to enter the Silver award Directly in Year 12.

HKAYP 2016-17