Educational Visits

The Senior Curriculum is enriched with frequent local, residential and overseas educational visits, closely tied to the curriculum, which look beyond Kellett to the outside world, allowing our students an understanding of themselves and their responsibilities within the global community.

Year 11 - Language Immersion Residential Visits (China/France/Spain/Germany)

Year 11 students undertake a residential visit with a focus on language immersion. Students either travel to China, France, Germany or Spain, depending on their first Modern Foreign Language choice. During the visit the students take part in a number of curriculum and cultural experiences all in the target language of Mandarin, French, German or Spanish.

Global Outlook Week

Each year group undertakes a Global Outlook Week in Term 1. The week is an overseas residential visit for most year groups, with a focus on helping our students to develop a global outlook and build transferable skills, whilst at the same time supporting the school aim of engendering each student with a confidence for life.

Year 7 Thailand

Located in the heart of a rural farming village in northeast Thailand, the Ricefield Base of Baan Chiang Yuen is a modern oasis amidst traditional Thai life. Surrounded by expansive rice fields, the students have the opportunity to witness life the way it has been for generations. Because of the long-standing relationship that Rustic Pathways has with the host family, the Sanboons, and the local community, we will be able to have a truly immersive experience! The students feel a strong sense of community and become a part of a very special family that began in 1999. The projects aim to tackle a need or issue in the village and surrounding communities. The focus of the trip is Learning Service, and the students will take part in a variety of different projects throughout the week. These projects may include volunteering at the local Buddhist Temple, assisting with gardening at the Community Garden, teaching local students, constructing homes for locals in need and cooking meals for the elderly in the village. All of the projects are highly rewarding and very worthwhile.

Whilst in the area, full advantage is taken of the incredible surroundings. The students learn a lot about Thai culture, working as a team, the value of giving time to aid others, and of course they will have a lot of opportunity to bond with the other students in their tutor group and year group.

Year 8 Cambodia

Landing in Phnom Penh, we spend some time exploring the largest city and capital of Cambodia. The students are introduced to Cambodia and the Khmer culture, including a short introduction to the language and a briefing on traditions, religion and etiquette. Whilst in Phnom Penh the students visit the Grand Palace and the Silver Pagoda, the current home of the King and Queen of Cambodia. They visit a local not-for-profit restaurant to try the local cuisine, and enjoy a sunset cruise down the Mekong and Tonle Sap rivers. Students also spend some time in Phnom Penh learning more about the recent genocide and the Khmer Rouge. The students have covered this in school prior to the trip, and will be well prepared for a visit to S21. Local guides provide the students with invaluable insight into the hardships that the local people had to endure. This experience will no doubt bring to life the realities of Cambodia's very recent history.

After spending time in Phnom Penh, students travel to Kampong Cham for the learning service element of their trip. As well as being home to the beautiful Watt Nokor (a temple older than those seen at Angor Watt), Kampong Cham is a community in need of help and support. It is slightly off the beaten track and therefore provides an opportunity for our students to experience a part of Cambodia that they may not otherwise visit. It is here where they ‘give back’ through carrying out some very rewarding community service. Our local contact group in Kampong Cham is the BSDA (Buddhism for Social Development and Action). They have been working closely with the community in Kampong Cham for over ten years and are a charity with whom Rustic Pathways partner. They offer training and ‘daycare’ to children of all ages and have done some amazing work with the local community. We are very privileged to be able to work with them and to provide them with our helping hands.

Prior to the trip the students will be split into groups and will be allocated an appropriate job for their days of service. The jobs cover a wide range of activities including painting the Happy Happy Drop In Centre (a day care for young children), helping further develop the grounds of the orphanage and repairing houses for some of the most needy in the community.

After three nights in Kampong Cham we return to Phnom Penh, with just enough time to visit a traditional market or two, before flying back home to Hong Kong. Whilst in Cambodia, a very special and unique country, we aim to take full advantage of the incredible surroundings and the kind people and give the students a very memorable experience.

Year 9 Mongolia

Year 9 embarked on a thrilling adventure to Mongolia during Global Outlook Week. Students and staff had an

action-packed week that included a range of diverse activities. For their service aspect, students partnered with WaSH, Kellett’s NGO, and worked on building a winter greenhouse for a local school, and digging and renovating a water station for the local community. They also delivered food to nearby families.

The money raised through Kellett Cares Senior Appeal will support the work which has already begun in transforming the local school.

Year 10 Malaysia

Year 10 visit Tioman Island in Malaysia, where they carry out work to preserve the coral reef there.

Students also work with Rohingya Tampoi School, a school for the Rohingya people, who are stateless refugees from northern Burma. The school provides a safe, clean and welcoming place for Rohingya children aged 4-14 from local refugee camps to go during the day. The centres do their best with very limited resources to teach their students to read, write and speak in English, with the aim of securing jobs when they are older.

Money raised through Kellett Cares Senior Appeal will provide transport to the school, lunches, washing and laundry facilities and learning materials to over 100 children from camps in the local area.

Year 11 Language Immersion

The Year 11 students undertake a residential visit with a focus on language immersion. Students either travel to China, France, Germany or Spain. During the visit the students take part in a number of curriculum and cultural experiences all in the target language of Mandarin, French, German or Spanish.

Year 12 Hong Kong

The Global Outlook Week for Year 12 is based in Hong Kong. The students undertake a range of activities in and out of school with a focus on developing presentation and communication skills.

Year 13 New Zealand

Year 13 travel to New Zealand's North Island, where students visit the beautiful beach at Cathedral Cove, participate in some bone carving to make some pendants that symbolised power, wisdom and kindness, a lot of hiking, as well as visiting the Agrodome, an adrenaline fuelled adventure park with various activities such as a jet power boat, a bungee swing, a sky diving experience (not actual sky diving!) and an upside down cycling race track. They also visit the geothermal region of Rotorua, where they can witness geysers giving off steam and can race down the luge track.