Decision Making in Senior School

When it comes to making decisions about the future, Kellett helps Senior School students to think about their GSCE, A-level options and university or career plans from an early age. Our Careers and University Guidance Team support students every step of the way as they consider what they want to do after they leave Kellett.

Years 7 and 8: Introduction to Careers

During Key Stage 2 students investigate their skills, interests and work preferences and match these against suitable occupations. They are also encouraged to challenge career stereotypes and are introduced to the concepts of saving, spending and budgeting money.

Year 9: Options Evening and Career Talks

In Year 9, the focus is on supporting students to make informed GCSE option choices. In addition to the Options Evening, which is an after-school event attended by parents and students, Year 9 attend options presentations where they hear from representatives from all the option subjects, have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss their thoughts. Additionally, Year 9 students participate in a Career Talk where they can speak to adults who work in a range of fields.

Year 10: SPW Career Profiling programme

In Year 10 students take part in this programme which provides them with a personalised psychometric report, and a one-to-one pathways interview with an adviser from SPW Careers.

Work Experience

Students are encouraged to use the SPW programme to support them in making choices about their Work Experience Week placement, which occurs at the end of the academic year. Past placements have included at hotels, law firms, veterinary clinics and property management companies.

Year 11: Introduction to Unifrog

Now the focus is on Post 16 Options and the application process. Students conduct further research into higher education and careers using UniFrog, a database that allows students to explore the different pathways they may be interested in.

All students are guided in creating their own skills based CV and writing a letter of application to the Sixth Form. They also take part in an interview skills workshop, and a mock Sixth Form entrance interview. 

Years 12 and 13


The Mini-MBA bridges the divide between education and business and provides students with a practical introduction to the world of business. Through the year-long course, students interact with the business community through talks and visits.

Work Experience

During the School’s Global Outlook Week, Year 12 students take part in a five day period of work experience, during term time and within Hong Kong.

Weekly University Prep Classes

Students can book time with one of our university advisers for one on one discussions, and wider debates on country and course specific options are also undertaken as a class. 

Students that wish to apply to highly selective universities such as Oxbridge, the Ivy League or top institutions in Asia are stretched through wider reading to help them with their applications and interviews. 

We also share information on virtual university fairs they can attend (and real-world fairs when COVID allows).

Interview Practice

Students who are applying for courses that require interviews (Oxbridge, Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science and US applicants) have mock interview practice throughout the autumn term of Year 13. Interviews are conducted with the Assistant Head with responsibility for Highly Selective Universities and also external subject specialists where appropriate. As the interview nears, students are interviewed virtually by adults drawn from our wide network of current Oxbridge, medical, dental and veterinary students, former students and teaching colleagues with experience of the institutions involved.

Personal Statement Preparation

Students received guidance on preparing their personal statements or American Common Application essays from our team.

Year 13 students also participate in preparing for life beyond school workshops, which focus on practical skills such as personal finance, creating a budget, looking for part-time jobs and cooking.