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Our Senior School has come a long way since its first year in 2007. We have since seen three graduating Year 13 cohorts go on to achieve fantastic public examination results, and attend some of the best universities in the world.

There are many aspects of Kellett's Senior School that help us achieve our aim of engendering 'a love of learning and confidence for life' in all of our students. Small classes and a low student to teacher ratio, coupled with exciting and engaging teaching, help our students reach their academic potential. Beyond the classroom, educational visits during our Global Outlook Week to countries like Thailand, Mongolia, Malaysia, and many others, help our students broaden their horizons, experience different cultures, and take a step closer to becoming global citizens.

Sports and the arts play a big part in the lives of Kellett students, with countless music, drama and sporting opportunities, from the annual House Music competition, to FOBISIA competitions that take students all around Asia to compete.

Pastoral care and student well-being are an ever-evolving aspect of the Senior School that have become more and more proactive over the years. The introduction of 'Feel Good Fridays' have helped to give students a moment of respite from their academic and extra-curricular commitments, and allowed them to relax, destress and unwind in preparation for the weekend.

To see more of what goes on in our Senior School, search for the hashtag #KLBSenior on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!


Senior School Highlights

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