Kellett begins with the Reception year, and our curriculum builds a strong foundation for future learning. Reception classes place high levels of attainment in reading, writing and numeracy. Other subjects are taught within integrated themes or topics, giving learning both depth and context. The adventure in learning is enriched by regular visits and visitors including authors, artists, scientists and explorers which help to ground the learning in real life.

At Kellett we have a wonderful tradition called Book Flood which is based on the Icelandic custom of gifting a book on Christmas Eve. Many believe that this tradition has seen the country become a nation of booklovers which is ranked one of the most literate nations in the world.

Before children join Reception, parents are invited to choose a book to gift their child. The child’s name is then placed in the book, and it becomes the first book their child borrows from the school library when they begin their time at Kellett.

We encourage a love of reading throughout a child’s time at the School. When it’s time to bid farewell to Prep School and move on to Senior School, the child once again receives a book that their parents have compiled, full of happy memories of their educational journey so far.


Head of Kowloon Bay Prep Samantha Steed recently delved into early years education during a Kellett Live discussion! 

During this talk, Samantha shared advice to parents on how to best prepare your child for school, as well as some insights into how Kellett School provides early years education. You can watch the full discussion at the video to the right!

A Day in the Life of a KLB Reception child!

A Day in the Life of a PFL Reception child!