Both our Pok Fu Lam and Kowloon Bay Preparatory Schools aim to provide our children with the perfect learning environment in which they can enjoy and embrace school life.

From Reception through to Year 6, our Prep children are afforded a huge range of opportunities for learning, adventure and growth, whether it be through our extra-curricular activities, their first over-night camp in Year 3, or the hugely enjoyable and transformative Year 5 trip to Beijing. On top of this, the regular concerts, class assemblies, sports competitions and public performances that are scattered throughout the year, help to instill our Prep children with an unwavering confidence in themselves.

Our Prep Curriculum draws heavily upon the local environment that our children find themselves in. Looking beyond Kellett to the outside world, our children are able to gain an understanding of themselves and their responsibilities within the global community. Students study foreign languages all throughout Prep School, with Mandarin being studied from Reception and French being offered as an option from Year 3.

For more insight into both of our Preparatory Schools, search for the hashtags #PFLPrep and #KLBPrep on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

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