An amazing speaker can be life-changing, inspiring an audience of young people to do great things. Our curriculum enhancement fund K2 (K Squared), formerly known as the Annual Fund, supercharges the education and learning experiences of our students beyond the limits of the School’s operational budgets. 

Staff with great ideas on how to boost the students’ education can access the fund by submitting bids which are assessed by Heads of School and representatives of the Board and Parents Committee. 

We very much hope you will support K2 to help us go beyond and give our students a truly exceptional school experience. If you would like to make a donation, please click  the below button to support. 

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2022-23 Approved Projects

  • Artist-in-residence, to prepare for 10 year anniversary campus art refresh, 
  • Artist observation & workshops, sketching both campuses for anniversary 
  • Coral Conservation, growing coral to replenish depleting reefs in HK
  • The Royal Institution Science Lecture, Maths theme

Projects Funded in 2021-22

Projects Funded in past years

In 2020-21 K2 funded some virtual events more recently including author Evelyn Brookless (OK 2008-13), a former Kellett teacher turned environmentally conscious children's book writer. Evelyn read her recently published Captain Green and the Plastic Scene during the School's Green Week. Our students also heard from Doug Woodring from Ocean Recovery Alliance, an organisation whose mission is to reduce plastic pollution on land and in water. Dough kickstarted discussion on the waste and recycling behaviour changes we're looking to see in our community. Please click below to see the photos from the above events.  

The School was proud to host Cambridge University's Dr Giles Yeo, and the rest of The Royal Institution team, for fun, informative and engaging Science Live shows in September 2019. Check out the video to hear the Science department explain how the shows benefit and inspire staff and students.



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