Kellett is a charitable institution, one of very few not-for-profit international schools in Hong Kong, and as such we have a strong giving culture, be it in time, expertise or donations. We believe that sharing with others is enriching for our whole community, both in the act of giving, but also in the different perspectives that it exposes us to. Please see the Giving at Kellett for details.


Giving at Kellett



Current Campaign

26m by 2026

We are very excited to announce that we have launched a new five-year campaign to raise money for bursaries. The 26by26 campaign seeks to raise HK$26 million by the school's 50th anniversary in 2026. Bursaries can give children from disadvantaged backgrounds in Hong Kong a life-changing place at Kellett. Watch this video to find out what a bursary can do for young people, and keep an eye out for our upcoming Giving Day in late March when we'll be asking you to help us reach our target. 


Kellett Foundation

In 2020 Kellett School established the Kellett Foundation, a separate entity into which charitable donations to our three primary funds are channelled. The three funds include the Ann Mc Donald Fund for Bursaries (AMD Fund) and Kellett Outreach for disadvantaged children in Hong Kong, and K2 our fund for curriculum enhancements. The Foundation is governed on an arm’s length basis by past and current members of the Kellett community.

Ann Mc Donald Fund


Seeking Corporate Sponsorship

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Kellett Cares

Kellett Cares run by generous volunteers from the Parents Committee, raises money from amongst our community to support the work of charities and NGOs in Hong Kong, Asia and worldwide. 

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