Parents' Committee

The Kellett Family

Kellett School owes its very existence to the initative of energetic parents. Kellett School was founded by a group of parents looking to provide a high-quality, British-style education for their children and the English-speaking community in Hong Kong. To this day, parent participation is greatly encouraged.

Kellett School is committed to an educational partnership of students, parents and staff. We believe that by working together, sharing expectations, responsibilities and aspirations, our students' needs are best met and we fulfil our aim of 'a love of learning and confidence for life'.

The Parents' Committee

The Parents' Committee co-ordinates social events, fundraising and day-to-day support of the school. Even the busiest working parents eventually find themselves taking on a specific role. Through the Parents' Committee, parents in the Prep Schools can be found with small reading groups, supporting on school trips, helping in the libraries, taking cooking classes or supporting a class as Class Parent. In the Senior School parents take on Year Group Leader roles and can be found helping out in the school shop.

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