Community Service

Kellett is proud to have a 45 year history in Hong Kong and places huge importance on giving fostering connections with our wider community and giving back to society. We partner with a wide range of charities and institutions in Hong Kong. 

Significant emphasis is placed on the importance of service to others in our wider community. In the Senior School, all students participate in a week-long excursion overseas where community service is a major component. There are also year-long opportunities to do community service as an after school activity with our long-standing charity partners. Whilst our Prep schools have long-standing ties with sister-schools in Hong Kong with whom they undertake language exchanges.  

The School believes providing bursaries to those who would benefit from a Kellett education but are unable to afford the fees not only provides opportunity to those individuals but also benefits our whole school community. We have ambitious plans to raise HK$12 million to build an endowment fund that will enable us to provide 14 bursary places by the time we celebrate our 50th anniversary.


Sai Kung Stray Friends