Admissions Policy

Kellett, the British International School in Hong Kong is a multi-ethnic, non-denominational school with an inclusive culture. Kellett admits students who, to Kellett’s satisfaction, have the ability to achieve and meet the objectives of the curriculum offered. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for i/GCSE  and A Level examinations, in both written and spoken English at an academic and age appropriate level. 

Student progression through the School from Reception to Year 11 is subject to a student’s continued positive engagement with the curriculum, good conduct, involvement in broader opportunities offered and financial commitments being met in a timely manner. Similarly progression from Year 11 to 12 is determined by the student demonstrating his/her ability to engage with and contribute to the Sixth Form curriculum, including minimum academic attainment as determined by the Head of Senior School.


1. Student Age at Entry

Student Age at Entry

Kellett School entry is guided by the UK academic year and entry dates as set out in the table below:     

Year 13 17
Year 12 16
Year 11 15
Year 10 14
Year 9 13
Year 8 12
Year 7 11
Year 6 10
Year 5 9
Year 4 8
Year 3 7
Year 2 6
Year 1 5
Reception 4

2. General Requirements

General Requirements for All Applicants

It is a requirement that:

  • Kellett School complies with the HK Government’s requirement as an international school to maintain a minimum of 70% overseas (non HK) passport holders.
  • In order to attend Kellett School, applicants must be residing in Hong Kong with a parent holding the appropriate immigration status permitting them lawfully to reside and study in Hong Kong. Kellett School as a day school facility does not usually act as a sponsor for non-resident Student Visas (the "Right to Stay Requirement").
  • Applicants can demonstrate their ability to satisfy the Curriculum Requirement.

3. Placement Consideration

Preparatory School Placement Consideration

Students are usually placed in the age appropriate year. In exceptional circumstances and where it is agreed that such a placement is in a student’s best interest, they may be placed in the year group below their chronological age. In accepting such a place parents should be aware that should a student leave Kellett prior to completion of their education, such a placement may adversely impact entry to future schools. Such an arrangement is at the discretion of the Principal. Preparatory students are not placed in a class above their chronological age.

Sibling applicants on the waiting list are required to join the same preparatory campus as the sibling/s currently enrolled in the school.

Senior School Placement Consideration

Senior School students are placed in the school year that best continues their education to date. This decision is made by Kellett School.

4. Entry Procedures

Whole School Entry Procedures

All applications and supporting information are reviewed by the Admissions team in order to establish the applicant’s ability to meet the Right to Stay Requirement and the Curriculum Requirement.

The following table sets out the general format of assessment:

  • Review of the application form, supporting information, latest school report, if applicable,
  • Review of the Reception Entry Questionnaire completed by the applicant’s current kindergarten
Years 1 - 2
  • Review of the application form, supporting information, latest school report
  • Review of the Y1-2 Entry Questionnaire completed by the applicant’s current school
Years 3 - 4
  • Review of the application form, supporting information and latest school report
  • Review of the Y3-4 Entry Questionnaire completed by the applicant’s current school
Years 5 - 6
  • Review of the application form, supporting information and latest school report
  • Externally moderated online computer assessment
  • Independent writing tasks to assess level of written English
  • Review of the Y5-6 Entry Questionnaire completed by the applicant’s current school
Years 7 - 11
  • Review of the application form, supporting information and latest school report Externally moderated online computer assessment
  • Internal subject assessment for option choices as required
  • Writing assessment
  • Review of the Senior School Entry Questionnaire completed by the applicant’s current school
Years 12 - 13
  • Review of the application form and supporting information
  • Externally moderated online computer assessment
  • Internal subject assessment for option choices as required
  • Writing assessment
  • Review of latest school report & student’s letter of application
  • Interview with a member of Kellett staff
  • Review of the Senior School Entry Questionnaire completed by the applicant’s current school

NB: Any subsequent offer is conditional on I/GCSE results and/or Kellett School internal subject assessments

In addition to the above, the parent of an applicant must provide to the School for review and consideration, any other information that is relevant to the applicant’s ability to meet the Curriculum Requirement. This may include for example, any information relating to the applicant’s ability to read and write English, their general academic level, and their learning abilities, specific educational psychology, medical, speech therapy, occupational therapy, IEP counselling or other such reports.

As part of the assessment process an interview may be required with the applicant and his/her parent(s) to better understand the applicant's ability to meet the Curriculum Requirement. In determining whether the applicant can meet the Curriculum Requirement the School will, amongst other things, need to understand any specific needs of the applicant and what reasonable accommodation can be provided by the School. Please refer to section on Assistance for Students with Special and Specific Needs.

It is important that parents provide any supporting documents at the time of application and that the School is regularly updated with relevant information whilst their child is on the waiting list.

Parents are advised that to knowingly withhold relevant information and/or to knowingly mislead Kellett School in regard to their child’s ability to satisfy the admissions requirements or curriculum requirements will lead to their child’s place being withdrawn. Such behaviour prevents or delays the entry of a child for those parents who have been honest and transparent with Kellett School in regard to their child’s needs.

The high demand for school places means that Kellett School is generally over-subscribed and as such, it is not always possible to accept all applications that satisfy the entry requirements. Consequently all admissions are further based on:

  • Debenture/Sibling Status
  • Date of application

5. Application & Admission

Application Procedure

Applications may be submitted from birth for Reception/Preparatory entry and two years in advance of entry for Senior School.

An EDB approved, non-refundable Application Fee is charged to all those applying to Kellett School. This fee is payable at the time of application and is levied to recover the costs incurred for the processing and administration of applications under the School’s admission procedures. An additional assessment fee is charged for Year 5-13 entry.

The date that the completed application (including photo, reports / any available supporting documentation and Application Fee) is received by the School will determine the applicant’s initial place on the application/waiting list.

Receipt of application is acknowledged by email and the applicant’s name is placed on the application/waiting list. Those who are covered by a corporate debenture have priority over other applicants, other than siblings of existing pupils. However, the number of corporate debentures issued is limited to a ratio set by the Board in order to ensure places are available to applicants who do not have access to a Corporate Debenture.

Please note that an applicant’s position on the application/waiting list and admissions list can go down as well as up due to the Sibling and Debenture priority system.

Parents resident in Hong Kong who have been offered a place may not defer their child’s entry until the following year. Where deferral is sought the place must be declined and parents seek entry via the waitlist at their preferred entry point.

Deferred entry is only possible in the following circumstances:

  • The place offered is not on the preferred campus; as stated on the child’s application form.
  • Evidence is provided to demonstrate the family’s relocation from overseas has been delayed.

Please note a place on the Admissions List is not a guarantee of entry to Kellett School.

When a place becomes available, the School will make reasonable efforts to contact the parents at the home/work contact numbers and emails provided. But if such efforts fail, the applicant will be removed from the application/waiting list and the place will be offered to another applicant. In the event that an applicant is made two successive offers of places (and where appropriate on their preferred Preparatory Campus) and these offers are declined, the applicant’s name will be removed from the waitlist. Re-application is not permitted for the two following years.

Admissions Procedure

When it becomes apparent that a place may become available an assessment will be offered in line with the general format of assessment set out previously. Following an applicant’s assessment the parent will be advised of the outcome.

When a place is offered, parents accept by paying a non-refundable Registration Fee equivalent to 10% of the annual school fees and the appropriate debenture payment. Please refer to Kellett School Debentures guidelines. The Registration Fee will be credited against the fees for the child’s first term at the School. Please note that a parent in receipt of a place offer is required to confirm the place within ten working days. Failure to do so may lead to the place being withdrawn.


Scholarships and Bursaries

Kellett School offers a number of Scholarships and Bursaries. Please contact the Admissions Office for further details.

6. Leaving Kellett School

Leaving Kellett School

Parents are required to give one term’s notice of their child’s departure by completing the Formal Notification of Withdrawal Form available from the School’s website or the Admissions Office. In the event that formal notice is not received in the manner prescribed by Kellett School, one term’s fees are payable in lieu of notice.

School Transfer Support

Policy on Entry to Hong Kong and Overseas Schools is available to Kellett parents in the School’s Parental Engagement Portal and in the School Handbooks.

In the event;

  • Parents can demonstrate that the family is permanently relocating from Hong Kong transfer advice and support is available from Kellett School via the admissions office.
  • The family is to remain resident in Hong Kong and a student is to continue their education in another Hong Kong school or an overseas school, Kellett School will provide a single Kellett School Standard transfer report. Additional reports and/or specific additional reports written to individual school formats are chargeable.

All requests for transfer reports must be made via the Admissions Office. Parents should not approach or harass individual teachers in order to provide transfer or scholarship reports. Documents not endorsed by the Admissions Office are not Kellett School Transfer Reports.

Reports are sent directly to the school concerned; copies are not provided to School Placement Agents.

Parents who are to remain resident in Hong Kong wishing to seek overseas boarding places for their children are encouraged to contact the preferred schools directly for advice via the respective school’s/schools’ Admissions Office.

Invigilation services for overseas schools entry examinations are provided by The British Council, Hong Kong.

The reference to a "parent" in this Policy is to the authorised parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s) of the child.