Working in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a lively and vibrant city in which to live, work and play.

Hong Kong offers a high quality of living with a year-round calendar of world-class cultural, arts and sports events. This, combined with its stunning natural beauty, spectacular city skyline and harbour, plus incredible travel opportunities around the region, makes Hong Kong an exciting place to be.

Public transport is excellent: both extensive and inexpensive. Both school campuses are easily accessible by frequent public transport links. Car ownership is not a necessity.

Kellett School teacher salaries are amongst the most generous offered by international schools in Hong Kong. Personal taxation is low; currently the maximum is 17% of income. Accommodation expenses can be offset against tax, often reducing tax liability to as little as 8%.

Cost of living expenses, especially accommodation, is higher than in the UK (probably on an equivalent to central London). Accommodation is usually in small flats within high-rise complexes. Some staff decide to share, significantly reducing their rental outgoings.

Please note that employees are required to contribute a percentage of their salary to The HKSAR Government Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF), a compulsory retirement saving scheme. This is invested and repaid to expatriates, plus/minus losses, on leaving Hong Kong permanently.