Learning Support

Kellett is an inclusive school and aspires to meet the needs of all its students. Both the Preparatory and Senior Sections have a limited number of places available for students with Special Educational Needs whose individual requirements can be met in a mainstream setting, through provision of a differentiated curriculum. The number of places is determined by the level of student need within the SEN programme at the time.

Parents who believe their child may require additional support are encouraged to contact the Admissions Officer as early as possible, ahead of the planned admission date. Priority for SEN places is determined by the date of registration and waitlist status. Additional priority is given to siblings.

Parents of students receiving SEN support are required to work closely with the SEN Team. They will fund all additional resources and support, over and above mainstream provision, that Kellett believes their child requires to access the curriculum. This may include, but not be limited to, additional classroom support, the advice and services of outside agencies. For example, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Medical and Educational Psychologist Assessment. Please note it is unusual for Kellett School to admit students whose behavioral needs are such that they could prevent their peers from fully accessing their curriculum entitlement.

At Kellett we have high academic expectations for our students and believe that by tailoring work to meet the needs of the student, those expectations will be met. We recognise that all students are individuals with a range of preferred learning styles and indeed ability; therefore it is essential that we identify and support these aspects of learning in all areas. Through our Optimal Learning lessons we encourage students to explore the range of learning tools available to them through a variety of media; embedding and applying this knowledge across the curriculum. The Optimal Learning group lessons allow us the flexibility to work with targeted groups of students on a particular area of need, supporting and extending as necessary.

Learning support offered at Kellett Kowloon Bay campus.

Whilst many students will meet the high demands of the curriculum, there will be others that need additional support to achieve their potential and also keep pace with their peers. For some students, this learning support may be temporary, and for others it may be more long standing and indeed required for the duration of a student’s time at Kellett. Identification of need is crucial and should be immediate, allowing action to remediate the situation. We offer short term intervention to ‘plug a gap’ but acknowledge that certain students require assistance on a more long term basis, either through in-class support, small group work or withdrawal. Each teacher is also fully aware of the needs of a variety of students and how best to adopt a variety of practices in the classroom to support the needs of our students, and are frequently updated and advised on current thinking.

Finally, as student’s progress towards external examinations we ensure that they are thoroughly prepared and that any additional support necessary is in place.