Educational Visits

Educational visits, residential camps and overseas trips form an important part of the curriculum and Extra-Curricular Programme and encourage independence and growth. 

Classes visit heritage and cultural sites, in addition to other locations such as the market, when learning to handle money. These visits are linked to the curriculum and are designed to enrich the learning experiences of the children.

The Residential Programme begins in Year 3 with a one night camp on Cheung Chau island. Experiencing the real world beyond the classroom and developing independence is an essential part of learning and personal development. The residential camps in Year 4 and 6 build further on the skills the children have learned and include adventure activities. Residential trips also provide an opportunity for students from both Preps to come together and get to know each other.

The Year 5 residential visit is a five day trip to Beijing. The children visit our sister school in Beijing as well as major cultural sites, including The Great Wall of China, The Forbidden City and the Summer Palace. The children also practice their Mandarin skills in the Hutong markets.


student filed trip to beijing


school educational visit to beijing