Senior to Sixth Form Transition

Moving from Year 11 of our Senior School to the Sixth Form is exciting and daunting in equal measure for students - more responsibility, more freedom and of course A-levels. Thoughts turn more acutely to university and ultimately career paths. 

At Kellett we aim to make the transition as easy as possible, whilst taking care to differentiate the experience for our students in each section of the school.

TERM 1: Laying the Groundwork

The transition process kicks off in Term 1 of Y11 with one hour a week dedicated to helping students select their A-level subjects. After half term, this one hour switches focus to writing CVs and cover letters, and students are required to write an application to the Sixth Form as practice. 

The Resilience Retreat provides our students with a strong foundation which they use to launch into their first examination year. All of our Year Eleven students are taken away for two days where they learn the skills of mindful and physical resilience which are so important to ensure their wellbeing through examinations. These skills are also so valuable for our students through the sixth-form and university life.

Early on in Term 1 students can explore Kellett’s University Fair where we typically have over 50 tertiary institutions from the UK, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia and the USA showcasing their subjects and what life is like at their university. 

At the end of October, both students and parents attend the Options Evening where they get the chance to meet Heads of Department, along with existing Sixth Form students, at subject stalls and ply them with questions. 

At the end of October, both students and parents attend the Options Evening where they get the chance to meet Heads of Department, along with existing Sixth Form students, at subject stalls and ply them with questions. 

Following the options evening, the Student Learning Conferences are a chance for parents and students to get specific subject feedback to help determine the best A-level choices which are due near the end of term. With 21 subjects from traditional Sciences, English, Maths, humanities, arts to more recent additions such as Computer Science, Media Studies and Psychology, there is plenty to choose from. 

Before the end of the first term students meet, and are interviewed by, the Head or Deputy Head of Sixth Form and their current Form Tutor to discuss suitability of their A-level subject choices.

TERM 2 & 3: Focus Turns to Academics

Our second university fair takes place early in the calendar year with between 20-30 UK universities showcasing what they have to offer. 

Mock GSCEs take the students focus from February time and then detailed feedback is provided to students and parents through learning conferences that take place in early Spring. This is a time to fine tune A-level choices if results are not as anticipated.

In Term Three attention is squarely on GCSEs which take place in May and June. By mid-June when almost all exams are complete the students participate in a Sixth Form induction morning. Students are given an overview of expectations and meet with their new subjects teachers who give them preparatory work to be completed over the summer. 

The much anticipated results come out  August, just before Sixth Form commences which allows some fine tuning of options, as required. 

In the final term of Y11 staff commence the careful handover of pastoral care from House Tutors and Heads of House to the dedicated Sixth Form team, who between them specialise in university applications, careers advice, as well as offering a holistic view of the students’ pastoral and academic progress. 

YEAR 12: Being a Sixth Former

The Sixth Form at Kellett deliberately looks and feels different from the rest of the Senior School, with a different dress code, a dedicated space known as the Sixth Form hub with its own kitchen and a range of leadership roles for students to take on. 

Sixth Form students are role models and leaders for our community and as such can become Head Students, House Captains, Senior Prefects and Prefects.

As well as A-levels classes and the continuation of dedicated teaching time to Positive Education, Sixth Formers have a core Liberal Arts programme which aims to develop the key C21 skills of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication. Students are exposed to a wide range of thought and challenge, with topics ranging from Living in a World of AI through to Political Philosophy to the  shark fin industry. In addition 2020-21 will see the launch of our bespoke Mini-MBA programme where students will work on their professional presentation (CVs, interviews, work experience), as well as learn the basics of business structure and strategy. 

Work on university applications carries on throughout Lower Sixth and applications are submitted by the end of September of Upper Sixth. All students have access to a wide range of one to one advice and also build their applications through our online platform, Unifrog. Those applying to elite universities (Oxbridge/Ivy League) will have specialist support from a newly appointed member of staff.