Local Links

At Kellett, a significant emphasis is placed on the importance of service and experience, both of which are intertwined into aspects of the academic and extra-curricular programmes.

Right from the start, our Prep children are taught about the importance of giving back to the community they are in. Through long-standing ties with various sister-schools in Hong Kong, our Prep children from both campuses are able to participate in a language exchange, in which they help local Hong Kong children improve their English in exchange for Mandarin practice. 

In the Senior School, students in all year groups participate in a week-long excursion or work experience in order to develop skills outside the classroom as part of our focus on providing a 21st century style education These can include field study techniques, volunteer work with deprived communities, team building, orienteering and language immersion. The School’s Global Outlook Week, which sees students travel to countries throughout Asia and beyond, encourages students to see a world beyond Hong Kong.

To view some of the Community Service initiatives that Kellett students participate in, please see the diagram below.