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Kellett School is very excited to announce that the Kellett Swim School schedule for Term 1 2019-2020 is now available.


Info at a glance:

  • Classes will be taught in English only
  • Children do not have to attend Kellett School to enroll
  • Courses are open to children of all ages
  • Courses will take place at Kellett's Kowloon Bay campus, in our state-of-the-art indoor 25m x 6 lane pool
  • Children can learn to swim, work on their stroke development, or train for competitive swimming.

For more detailed information about Kellett Swim School, please click here

To enquire about availability or to enroll in a course, please contact Linh Carpenter at

Linh Carpenter - Kellett Director of Swimming

Meet the Coach


Swim School Info



For group lessons, a placement assessment is required. To sign up for an assessment, contact Linh Carpenter ( The 1-on-1 assessment costs $150/swimmer (fee waived for Kellett families). The fee can be put towards Swim School courses once you sign up. Kellett swimmers who have already completed an assessment or have attended Kellett’s ECA swim program do not need an assessment. 

Kellett Community will enjoy a 25% discount off listed price!

Term 1 (Group Classes) Schedule

Monday Class - Group Lessons (12 sessions - HKD3500)

  • 9, 16, 23, 30 September
  • 14, 28 October
  • 4, 11, 18, 25 November
  • 2, 9 December
Time Swim Courses

Beginner Swim

Building Swimming Foundations Level 1


Intermediate Stroke Development

Advanced Stroke Development

Junior and Senior Stroke Correction


*Private lessons available from 4:30-6pm. 

Saturday Class - Group Lessons (13 sessions - HKD3800)

  • 7, 21, 28 September
  • 5, 12, 19 October
  • 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 November
  • 7, 14 December
Time           Swim Courses

Competitive Swim Training - Competitive Squad, Ages 11+, minimum HKASA Div 2 Qualifications


Swim Fitness

Stroke Correction/Advanced Stroke Development

Intermediate Stroke Development


Early Stoke Development/Building Swimming Foundations Level 2

Intermediate Stroke Development

9-9:30am Building Swimming Foundations Level 1

Beginner Swim

Building Swimming Foundations Level 1

9:30-10:10am     Early Stroke Development/Building Swimming Foundations Level 2
10:00-10:30am   Water Tots+ (ages 1.5-3) *must be parent assisted
10-10:30am Beginner Swim/Building Swimming Foundations Level 1


Private Lessons

Private lessons (including 1-on-1 video stroke analysis) depend on pool and coach availability. During school hours private lessons are available to Kellett families only. Time slots for general community are after 4:30pm.

Lesson Duration Fee (HKD)
Single Visit Group Lesson 30/40mins $300
Single Visit Group Lesson 90 mins $400
Private Lesson with Swim Director (1 student) 30 mins $600
Private Lesson with Senior Swim Coach (1 student) 30 mins $500
Semi-Private (2 students) 30 mins $400 per 30-mins, per student
Private Small Group (3-4 students) 30 mins $300 per 30-mins, per student
1-on-1 Video Stroke Analysis and Correction 1 hour $1600


Class Description

Water Tots (TOTS+) – ages 1.5-3 

Swimmers in TOTS+, experience a gentle introduction to water confidence, buoyancy, and balance through songs and games. This is a parent-assisted class.

Key objectives: 

  • optimal body orientation for buoyancy and balance 
  • submerging, surfacing, and breath control (when appropriate)
  • changing directional movement on the surface and under water  

Beginner Swim (BegSw) – ages 3+

Swimmers in BegSw, are lacking confidence in the water or are new to swimming, but can follow teacher instructions and are able to participate in the water without a parent’s help.

Key objectives: 

  • optimal body orientation for buoyancy and balance 
  • submerging, surfacing, and breath control 
  • changing directional movement on the surface and under water  

Building Swimming Foundations – Level 1 (BSF1) and Level 2 (BSF2) 

Swimmers in BSF, are confident in the water, but still developing the foundations of strong swimming technique. Swimmers that can independently move on their front and back, and roll over to breathe with ease will be enrolled in BSF2. Other swimmers will start in BSF1. 

Key objectives: 

  • optimal body orientation for buoyancy and balance 
  • breath control and rolling to breathe
  • controlled, propulsive arm strokes and kick for basic freestyle and backstroke 

Early Stroke Development (ESD)

In Early Stroke Development, swimmers master the basics of optimal buoyancy and balance necessary for freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke.

Key objectives:

  • continuous, propulsive freestyle arm strokes that clear the water 
  • breathing to the side or by rolling to the back (no forward head lift)
  • stable head, body, and leg positions for freestyle and backstroke

Intermediate Stroke Development (ISD)

In ISD, swimmers master freestyle and backstroke. They’ll also continue to build the basic foundations for breaststroke. 

Key objectives:

  • increasing endurance, speed, and efficiency in freestyle
  • stable head, body position, and arm strokes/kick in backstroke over 25m+
  • basic arm pulls and leg movement for breaststroke

Advanced Stroke Development (ASD)

Swimmers in ASD, work toward swimming 50m of freestyle, backstroke, and legal breaststroke with the correct body position, propulsive movements, and rhythm for continuous forward movement. 

Key objectives:

  • breaststroke with legal arm pull, kick, and stroke timing
  • increasing stroke power and speed in freestyle and backstroke
  • mastery of underwater technique off of walls/diving blocks 

Junior Stroke Correction (JrSC) and Senior Stroke Correction (SrSC)

In JrSC, swimmers work toward swimming 400m+ continuously, while using a combination of all four swimming strokes.

Key objectives:

  • develop a legal butterfly stroke 
  • make adjustments to body orientation and stroke technique to reduce drag and increase propulsion
  • introduction of competitive starts, turns, and underwater technique off of walls/diving blocks

Junior Swim Fitness (JrSF) and Senior Swim Fitness (SrSF)

In Swim Fitness, swimmers focus on increasing their strength, speed, and efficiency across all four strokes in order to improve physical stamina and/or race competitiveness. 

Key objectives:

  • employ swimming techniques that will conserve energy without loss of speed
  • establish muscle memory for optimal technique
  • mastery of competitive starts, turns, and underwater technique off of walls/diving blocks

Development Squad (DevSq) and Competitive Squad (CompSq)

Only swimmers that are selected through a qualifying time trial may enroll in the squad program. Swimmers will focus on race preparation for local and international meets.

Key objectives:

  • develop fast-twitch muscles for sprints and starts
  • experience with racing in highly-competitive age group meets
  • master elite training techniques to increase endurance, power, and speed



Kellett School's Kowloon Bay campus boasts a 25m x 6 lane, indoor, temperature regulated swimming pool, with a viewing deck and moveable floor to alter pool depth. The pool has showers and male and female changing rooms.


Parking is not available at the school, nor is street parking outside of the school permitted. There are a number of public carparks located near the school. 

To view a map of the nearby public carparks, click here.

Kellett Swimmers

Under the guidance of Coach Carpenter, Kellett's swim teams have enjoyed a huge amount of success, including:

  • HKSSF Div 3 Boys Overall Champions
  • HKSSF Div 3 Boys B Grade Champions
  • HKSSF Div 3 Girls C Grade Champions
  • ISSFHK U16 Boys Champions
  • 2018 & 2019 CIS Invitational Overall Champions
  • U15 FOBISIA Combined Overall 1st runner up Swimming Trophy
  • U13 FOBISIA Combined Overall 1st runner up Swimming Trophy
  • 2 new ISSFHK records 
    • U12 Girls Medley Relay
    • U20 100M Backstroke