ann mc donald scholarship fund

Ann Mc Donald Fund

To mark Ann Mc Donald OBE 23 years of service as Principal, we have established a fund for scholarships and bursaries. The Ann Mc Donald (AMD) Fund celebrates personal excellence and provides assistance to those who are unable to afford access to the fantastic educational experience Kellett students enjoy. 

If you would like to donate to the AMD Fund, please fill out the form below and then you will be directed to a payment options page.

Take a Seat

You might also like to consider ‘Taking a Seat’ in the David Kidd Theatre, find more information here.

k2 curriculum enhancement fund

Supercharging Your Child's Education

An amazing speaker can be life-changing, inspiring an audience of young people to do great things.  This is why we are delighted that our curriculum enhancement fund K2 (K Squared), formerly known as the Annual Fund, is back up and running.

K2 seeks to supercharge the education and learning experiences of all our students beyond the limits of the School’s operational budgets. 

If you would like to make a donation to replenish K2 then please fill out the form below, before being directed to a Payment Options page.

Donation Forms