amd scholarship fund

Offering Opportunity

To honour Ann Mc Donald OBE’s (Principal 1997-2019) contribution to the School the Ann Mc Donald Fund (AMD Fund) was established for bursaries and scholarships. 

Offering opportunity is a central commitment at Kellett and one that goes beyond our student body. We are fortunate to be a privileged and well-resourced community who can extend a welcome to those who do not have the means to access a Kellett education. Sharing with others is enriching for our whole community, both in the act of giving but also in the different perspectives that it exposes us to. 

In 2026 Kellett turns 50! To mark the occasion, we are aiming to raise HK$12 million that will enable us to have 14 bursary students in our school by 2026 - a fitting way to mark our coming of age.

Please help us open up untold opportunities and pathways for children through the gift of a Kellett education by making a donation.

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"My family and I are always grateful for what Kellett has done for our children. There's no doubt that it is having a positive and powerful impact on our children's learning journey. We hope that more students can benefit from a Kellett Bursary. As Nelson Mandela said, 'Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world'"

Quote from the parent of a Kellett Bursary student


Here Ann Mc Donald OBE and Kellett’s Principal & CEO Mark Steed, along with others in our community, explain why they believe this initiative is so important.