Alumni Tree

In celebration of Kellett School’s Year 13 graduates and to commemorate all Kellett leavers past, present and future, Alumni Trees have been installed in the school. A stainless steel tree has been installed at both the Pok Fu Lam and Kowloon Bay campuses.

At present the trees consist of the roots, trunk, branches and a small number of leaves. We are offering all of our Kellett Alumni an opportunity to purchase a leaf, which will be engraved with their name and the dates in which they attended Kellett School. This is a wonderful opportunity for alumni to leave their mark in the school in which their roots have been laid. Over time the trees will grow.

Kellett School is a wonderful community of students, parents, staff and alumni. We are a young school but our alumni network is growing rapidly. Funds raised from this initiative will be used to develop the Kellett School Alumni Network as well as other school development projects. One of the aims of the Network is to provide an avenue for potential careers advice and opportunities.

We would like to invite you to help grow our trees, and subsequently the opportunities available to all current and future Kellett Alumni, by purchasing a leaf. Each leaf is made from stainless steel and is approximately 10cm long. The leaves can be engraved with your full name and the years between which you attended Kellett School. Leaves may also be purchased on behalf of siblings who may have already left the school, or in the name of your family. Each leaf costs HK$5,000, as a minimum donation.

Year 13 Graduates will have their names engraved onto mirrored stainless steel leaves. All other Kellett leavers will have their names engraved onto brushed stainless steel leaves.

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Pok Fu Lam Alumni Tree

Kowloon Bay Alumni Tree